“I've worked with Stan in Mission 22's local program, the Veterans Rehab Project and seen him get some dramatic results, helping to change soldiers' lives.  "Stanimal" Rocks!

Don Matheson

Thank you for being so present and avaible for our 2017 Survivors Conference.  I know we would not have had the same transformative outcomes if you had not been a part of the retreat.  Thank you for meeting us with such love, compassion and understanding.  Our community is honored to have you and we look forward to longstanding collaboration.

Sara W-S 
Executive Director
Special Ops Survivors

“My attention span is more focused. My patience is better. I am better able to think and express myself. My thanks to Stan and Veterans Rehab Project and Mission 22.”

James W.

“I could feel the weight in my head melting away. Stan was on my side in the Mission 22 & Veterans Rehab Project.  He helped me through some dark times and I'm grateful to be back on track.”

William T.

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